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They look great! A wood burning stove in your living room is an attractive focal point – and perfect for sitting around on those cold winter nights. They also make a sound investment, adding to the value of your property. Shorter term they will save you money. Wood burning stoves cut up to 40% off of heating bills and can pay for themselves in 3-4 years.

As the stoves use a renewable energy source they are good for the environment, and dry wood is one of the cheapest heating fuels. You’ll be helping your local economy along by buying logs – or perhaps you can even grow or source your own wood for free!

Don’t worry if you live in a smoke control area. We have a large range of DEFRA approved stoves that are perfectly ok for smokeless zones.

When fitting a wood burning stove it is likely that we will need to carry out chimney re-lining on your property first. Stoves legally require an efficiency rating of 65% or higher, which ensures that the chimney will safely take up flue gasses and exhaust materials. We will carry out a thorough inspection to see if flue lining or flue relining is required.

All that’s left is to find yourself a supply of wood! Garden centres, tree surgeons… There are countless specialist wood fuel suppliers around. If you want to go for reclaimed sources then joinery firms will have plenty of offcuts that only get thrown away otherwise.

And choose logs that have been seasoned for at least two years. They have a lower moisture content so prove more efficient and give a higher heat output. They also produce very little smoke and help reduce the build-up of tar in the flue.

Interested so far? Please get in touch if you’re… warming to the idea.

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