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You might not be able to tell from looking, but chimneys aren’t just brick. They are lined to make sure the flue, the space inside, works properly. Traditionally this was done with clay tiles. Now there are several options for lining, and quite often the original lining on older houses needs replacing.

If you are unsure whether your chimney needs lining or relining, the answer depends on your circumstances. If your chimney is structurally sound then you probably don’t need to have it relined. But if tar and combustion products are seeping through the mortar and staining walls (or worse, leaking carbon monoxide into the house) then the chimney needs repairing and a lining should be fitted.

Linings are also highly recommended if you are installing a wood burning appliance. If your chimney is not efficient enough to take up the flue gasses from a wood burning stove then it is a legal requirement that the flue be relined (65% efficiency or above is mandatory). But in any case the appliance will operate more efficiently (and economically) if the chimney is lined.
If you are concerned then the best solution is to ask a chimneysweep to take a look at your chimney. They will make sure it is professionally swept and perform a smoke test to check the flue’s integrity.

Embers provide chimney relining London. We specialize in supplying and fitting flue liners and are accredited by HETAS and the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. We will gladly come and inspect your chimney and advise on flue lining.

Generally you will need a 6” liner for a wood burning stove. These can be of the clay type, a ceramic spray-on lining or a steel liner – which can be flexible, rigid and twin walled. These all have their pros and cons for cost and features, and we will take you through the best solution for your property.

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