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Flue lining: it comes in all shapes and sizes

Having a beautiful looking chimney in your neighbourhood doesn’t mean that it will continue forever. With the passage of time, not only the beauty of chimney is impaired, but it starts showing signs of ageing and developing issues. The lack of maintenance can lead to hazardous and possibly dangerous issues if left unattended.

Chimney relining services should not be ignored, or your house and the people living in it will be affected. The deterioration and slow fall of brickwork and mason besides the cracking of the tiles results into severe risks, as the toxic levels would increase in atmosphere of your house. Gases will begin to leak and start polluting. If this happens in your home, you have to deal with it and it can be costly if you leave it to when major issues are there. Expert restoration of complete chimney either through the way with strong re-lining, using high graded material is a great way of ensuring your chimney long term health.

Old and worn out chimneys need plenty of attention and the quality of the liner will matter as well as analysing and measuring the inner dimensions of flue. The choice between rigid and more flexible liner depends on the situation and the extent of the problems we encounter.

The chimney relining process requires careful thoughts, and precise measurement. We are one of the most (if not the most) trusted professional chimney relining London based service, with hundreds of repairs completed over the years, high customer satisfaction and a huge amount of customer referrals to their friends and family. We must be doing something right! We will help you with the repairs and reconstruction of your chimney and the work will be carried out to the highest standards.

When you search for a chimney relining service make sure you compare apples with apple…

  • Is the chimney relining service registered with a major training and certification organisation?
  • Are they insured, what for and to what level?
  • Are they experienced at flue relining?

Without appropriate chimney lining, the probability of occurrence of chimney fire increases, and this might even stop the burning stove to perform effective heating functions. Old flue linings are not really up to modern standards. The new contemporary flue linings are designed for efficiency and these can easily put off the smoke retracting from the upper part of chimney. It is more flexible, and practical resolution for long lasting chimney functioning.

Another significant consideration while choosing chimney liner is to give look at pipe dimension. Relining or is a tough thing to do on your own; and this is where you can ask for the professional advice. Insulating the chimney liner completely will keep chimney cleaner for longer duration of time.

Chimney lining London can solve all your Chimney issues, make sure you insurance is valid and your heating optimum.

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