Why You Need to Line The Chimney for Fireplace?

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How effectively fireplaces work and how to best build are core issues that have created a lot of fuss among homeowners. Chimney designs have evolved with time and the number of chimney sweeping professionals has also increased tremendously. Keeping chimneys in the best condition has never been an easy task for many people. Now and… Read more »

Chimney Relining is the Way to Healthy Home Living

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Having a beautiful looking chimney in your neighbourhood doesn’t mean that it will continue forever. With the passage of time, not only the beauty of chimney is impaired, but it starts showing signs of ageing and developing issues. The lack of maintenance can lead to hazardous and possibly dangerous issues if left unattended. Chimney relining… Read more »

Chimney Lining London can clean up good, here’s how

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If you own a solid fuel chimney or are interested in acquiring one for your family home, then Chimney Lining London are the people to call. You’ll be surprised to know if you hadn’t already, that the chimney sweeping and installation industry is still going strong, and thanks to the advances of 21st Century technology,… Read more »

Chimney Repair London: Flue relining

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Does your chimney need repairing? What exactly is a ‘broken’ chimney? Chimneys are lined – the flue lining. This lining creates a clear path for the gas and smoke, and protects the fabric of the chimney from the products of combustion. In older houses this lining was usually clay. This weakens and breaks down after… Read more »

Who’d be a chimney sweep these days?

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Lots of people! The industry has been on the up (in more ways than one) in recent years. Far from a dying trade, the business is expanding – both in terms of there being ever more sweeps and because the role of the sweep has grown. Chimneys still have to be swept, but most sweeps… Read more »

Chimneys – the Do’s and Don’ts

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What are the basic requirements for a chimney? (It’s not just having a hole in the top) Your chimney must be of an adequate height and construction for the appliance it is connected to. Everything must be absolutely safe and structurally sound. Chimneys also have to be efficient. Firstly because an inefficient chimney will cost… Read more »

Embers | Chimney Lining Company

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You might not be able to tell from looking, but chimneys aren’t just brick. They are lined to make sure the flue, the space inside, works properly. Traditionally this was done with clay tiles. Now there are several options for lining, and quite often the original lining on older houses needs replacing. If you are… Read more »

Why is my fireplace smoking?

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If you find that smoke is coming out of your fireplace and into the room there could be several reasons why this is happening. * Your chimney may need sweeping if this has not been done for a while. * Similarly, if your chimney hasn’t been inspected for a few years it could well have… Read more »

Why A Wood Burning Stove?

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They look great! A wood burning stove in your living room is an attractive focal point – and perfect for sitting around on those cold winter nights. They also make a sound investment, adding to the value of your property. Shorter term they will save you money. Wood burning stoves cut up to 40% off… Read more »

How often should my chimney be swept?

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Short answer: annually. It’s common for people to only book a chimney sweep when they have a new appliance fitted or when a problem develops. Chimneys can go un-swept for years. Unsurprisingly, this means that it’s also common for chimney sweeps to find problems in the chimneys they are called to! It’s not just about… Read more »