Please find the answer to our frequently asked questions below.

Will the work be messy?
Of course there is an element of dust and grime when working with flue systems/fireplaces. However you can rest assured that we are very well experienced with containing the dust and grime and with the use of our industrial vacuums and sheets we will leave your home the way we found it!
Can I burn wood on my open fire?
No, London is a smokeless zone which means that unless you are using a DEFRA approved closed appliance you will only be allowed to burn smokeless coal or gas.
I haven’t had my chimney swept/tested for X amount of years, does it really need doing?
Yes, if you intend to use your fireplace you should have your chimney swept/tested annually. There are reasons and elements that could create issues for you (some with potentially life threatening consequences) if you do not maintain a regular service on your chimney, examples of these range from something simple like a large build up of soot and /or tar that needs removing to having birds nesting materials or fallen/dislodged chimney lining/brick work in the flue system. Remember that tar is flammable and chimney fires result from un-serviced chimneys, also remember that the essence of a working flue system is to carry the by-product of combustion (CARBON-MONOXIDE included) out of the chimney! Blocked chimneys are not going to allow this process!
Does my chimney need lining?
This will depend upon a number of factors and cannot have a singular generic answer. Factors will include the state of repair of your existing brick chimney and the type of appliance that you are using. Please contact us to discuss this in more depth.
Do you need to go onto the roof to install a liner?
Yes, a new flue liner is installed from roof level and so access to the chimney stack/chimney pot area is necessary. We are certified and insured at working at heights and our team are very comfortable working on your roof.
Do we need scaffolding to install our new flue liner?
This question can only be answered once we have been able to look at the roof and the roof layout.

As a general rule 9 out of 10 standard two storey houses do not require scaffold and we are more than happy to work from ladder. If the house is larger than a two storey and has an access ie- velux window then again it may be possible to do without scaffold. If however the roof access is deemed not safe by one of our team then unfortunately we will require a scaffold to be erected for us and will not attempt to carry out works without one.

Please note whilst our team is very experienced and comfortable at working on roofs we WILL NOT risk or compromise their safety no matter what the job!