We at Embers are HETAS and Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps certified and accredited.

Did you know that, in order to have a solid fuel appliance (stove or open fire) installed and commissioned, you must either go through the expensive and stressful process of having the installation works checked and signed off by a local building control inspector or have the works conducted and signed off by a HETAS certified installer/engineer. Of course the former is a potential minefield, as if the builder/DIY’er is not totally up to date with current building regulations and the install does not conform the building control officer will not issue a “sign off” and the appliance may need to be removed!

Save yourself the headache and the expense by going for a HETAS approved engineer in the first instance. By going for a HETAS engineer you know that not only are you employing a competent and professional workman, you are also employing a workman who is totally up to date with the relevant builders regulations (a five year refresher/renewal is required by all HETAS engineers) and can self “sign off” the work.

Likewise for appliance/chimney servicing/sweeping, it is important to have a certified workman conduct the work. Chimney sweeping is not only the process of sweeping/cleaning the flue with brushes, it is also the process of testing and the checking of the flue, chimney stack and the chimney pots and of course conducting a smoke test to ensure that when you are using your appliance you will not fall victim of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Did you know that it is your responsibility to ensure that your flue system is maintained?
In the event of an “incident” such as a soot fall or chimney fire, if you have not regularly serviced and had your flue system certified you will find it practically impossible to receive an insurance pay out! “We all know how much insurance companies like to pay out.”

  • Be safe, get a professional to conduct the work.
  • Embers are competitive and professional with ALL works.