Who’d be a chimney sweep these days?

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Lots of people! The industry has been on the up (in more ways than one) in recent years. Far from a dying trade, the business is expanding – both in terms of there being ever more sweeps and because the role of the sweep has grown. Chimneys still have to be swept, but most sweeps… Read more »

Why is my fireplace smoking?

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If you find that smoke is coming out of your fireplace and into the room there could be several reasons why this is happening. * Your chimney may need sweeping if this has not been done for a while. * Similarly, if your chimney hasn’t been inspected for a few years it could well have… Read more »

How often should my chimney be swept?

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Short answer: annually. It’s common for people to only book a chimney sweep when they have a new appliance fitted or when a problem develops. Chimneys can go un-swept for years. Unsurprisingly, this means that it’s also common for chimney sweeps to find problems in the chimneys they are called to! It’s not just about… Read more »